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 Discover all the ways you can empower you to create the business, body, and life you love! 


These 3 days have changed so much for me and my body.  I can really move my body again! Without pain! With such a smoothness I even can’t remember that there was ever a pain in my body.  I also learned to create and believe in myself and my future.   I am so so grateful. Thank you so much for being part of one of the greatest steps of my life. So if you want change…ples' realities, limitations and the possibilities that they can choose beyond it all.”    - KK, The Netherlands

"Katherine has a unique way of talking to bodies with energy and words that makes sense.  She enables you to see the possibility where once there was impossibility.  She shows you practical tools which can be utilised to bring ease with choosing something different. My awareness and body has changed for the better.  She is well worth engaging with and exploring with for future creative possibilities. Many Thanks."

- S. Cork, Ireland 

"It was one of the best choices of my life!    I am so grateful to you for the raw vulnerability you bring and for the choices you've made to give you so much perception of other peoples' realities, limitations and the possibilities that they can choose beyond it all.”    - J. London, UK

 What if you could discover all the ways you can empower you to create the business, body, and life you love? 

When it comes to loving your body, most women who have spent their lives struggling with their weight, they feel like having a healthy relationship with food and their body is a fantasy.

If thousands of men and women from around the world can shift the one thing they thought they couldn't... you can too!

Spend 3 days eradicating the limitations that keep you from living your best life, release the fight, flight, freeze & fawn patterns stuck in your body, let go of the magnetic energies of trauma & activate the energies that will allow you to THRIVE. 

You will walk away lighter, clearer, with less stress and anxiety, and more aliveness, the feeling of abundance, and a renewed enthusiasm to forge forward!


"Wowzer!!! 3 days with Katherine in London this weekend, has given me a spring in my step, an ease with my body, and a joy in my being!! A huge thank you to Katherine."

- HH, London, UK

"WOW! WOW! and WOW!! Just back from No Judgement Diet in London. 3 days of change beyond any expectations I may have had. Katherine has the most amazing ability to be fierce and intense while always holding the space and being the invitation to step out of judgment and into new and different possibilities with such ease even when it is uncomfortable.

I am so glad I chose to do this class. In just 3 days I know my world has changed and this movement is changing the world."   -S.S. - UK 


How much of your life have you spent trying to change your body?


How much money, time, & effort have you spent on obsessing over making yourself look and feel good?

How much have you researched or listened to the experts’ advice?

How many early mornings & late nights did you spend making promises to yourself to make a change, only to wake up depressed, depleted, and defeated?

If your answer is A LOT:

Then you know first hand what it is like to long for freedom with your body.

Freedom from diets, restrictions, judgments, ridicule, shame, pain, chronic disease, frustration, and so much more.

What if I told you inside all of the diets, exercise programs, gym memberships, online tutorials, quick fixes, cleanses, pills, teas, restrictions, foods in a box, etc. is one common denominator…

Can you guess what that one common denominator is?

I’ll give you a hint…

It’s not a diet, food, the scale, or measurements.

It’s the key ingredient to truly solving this roller coaster with food, exercise, diets, and your body for good so you can get busy LIVING your life!

The true solution to the results you have always been looking for has nothing to do with the scale or your size.

Once you discover this powerful ingredient, it will change everything you were ever taught about your body.

The reason you haven't been able to find freedom and a sense of inner peace may not be your fault.

It's not because you don't have the willpower or because you have a slow metabolism. It's not because you're big-boned or lack determination. It might be something that you've never considered.

It may not be your fault, but YOU can be the SOLUTION. 

Unlock that which may set you FREE.

"It's been a month since the 3 day, So much has changed in my life. I'm choosing for me. There's more magic and more fun! Also, my body has changed!

I'm moving and doing exercises in my pool that I have never done or even thought of doing before. My body is releasing the judgments that I have locked within it. It's building muscle and losing fat.

Since gaining weight, I've had a charge on how my legs (upper thighs) were looking and would never show them.... now? Let's just say...

People tell me that I look years younger, and it's only been a week!"

Donna, California


"I am in the middle of the 3 day live experience and I have to say....whoa, whoa, whoa!! The change I have received has been one of the most expansive, explosive, courageous, curious, crazy classes of my life...and it's only day 2!! Katherine and her brilliance is beyond words!! I am grateful for all the phenomenal beings choosing a life without judgment!" - J, Colorado

"It is a little over a week since the amazing live event with Katherine in Houston! I am experiencing a feeling of openness, space & lightness, and my body shape is changing too!!

Katherine's deep kindness, caring, awareness, nurturing, and allowance of where & who I be was absolutely amazing!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!" - Nancy - Australia


What kind of relationship would you like to have with your body?


You won’t get there by judging you, restricting, enforcing rules that you don’t plan on keeping.

But you will get there by discovering the energies that make you come alive, that lift your spirit, that give you more energy, that empower you to keep going and NOT GIVE UP!

You will get there by learning the right questions to ask, the right energies to activate, the things that would improve your metabolism, help you reverse age, and take the stress and frustration away?

You will get there by knowing what foods are most optimal for YOU and YOUR BODY.

You will get there by measuring your success through means that do not require you to judge yourself.

You cannot TRUST what you know if you are JUDGING yourself, your body, your choices, food, and anything else.


The key to lasting success is to TRUST that you know. This class will teach you HOW to TRUST YOU.

"I had an online facilitation call with Katherine that showed me that the abuse that judgment is and that existed in my life was mostly perpetrated by me, on me, against me, and it blew something right out of my body, my life, my reality.  

Immediately, I chose her 90 Day Online program &. soon after, her 3 Day live event in Manchester.  

This is a phenomenal class that Katherine facilitates to amazing depths with such speed, it’s beyond comprehension, secrets, lies, crippling, destructive, limited beliefs were exposed and eliminated with laser precision by Katherine and also great kindness, care, and lots of humor and laughter.  

I haven't been able to have a full night sleep in years and for the first time, I had two full nights sleep in a row without the restlessness, pains, and aches that I am use to.  I woke up feeling at peace and feel like I am choosing living again." - Catherine Dublin, Ireland

"This class allows you to dig deeper on a cellular level than any other programs out there.  And if you choose to open up to the real courage within you, your life will become so much more freer and abundant in all areas.  A truly magical transformational 3 days. Thank you."  - Elise, UK

"Body and I are so grateful that you include the body so so much in the class!  This is the most non-linear and coolest most expansive class I've ever been to."  

- Barbara, UK

Here is just some of what you will LEARN

over the course of the 3-Day Event...

These three days will give you the foundation to literally change your life.

 - Let go of Trauma
 - Release Stuck Patterning
 - Sequence New Patterns
 - ReWire Neuro Transmitters
 - Rev Up your Metabolism


Katherine's Facilitation is Dynamic, straight to the point, and will unwind all the unconscious blocks with your body you didn't even know you had.

People report massive changes in their relationship with their body and food, which translates into self love, increased awareness, kindness, less judgment, more energy, and so much more!


Included in the 3 Days:

  • Live Facilitation with Katherine McIntosh
  • Audio Recordings
  • A PDF of foods for Muscle Testing
  • Energetic Exercises to build a foundation on
  • An Experience you'll never forget & so much more!

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