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A course in possibilities with changing your relationship with money… and YOU



Do you desire true wealth?

What if it wasn’t an amount in your back account, but an energy of possibilities you exude in the world? 

True wealth is an energy that cannot be denied and it cannot be taken away.

If you are truly willing to have wealth then you have to become the energy of BEING that has nothing to do with money, but everything to do with unlimited choice, a sense of freedom, and a request to truly have it all.

If you have done the How to Become Money Workbook, now’s your chance to dive into The Advanced How to Become Money Workbook.

You are invited to explore the possibilities.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a million dollars or fifty cents.  The issues of money are tough for everyone.” - Gary Douglas - Author of The Advanced How to Become Money Workbook

Money has an energy of magic, possibilities, freedom, and lightness, you cannot create lasting ease with money if you are cutting off your access to the magic within.  This isn’t about logic, this is about possibilities and the possibilities you have for true wealth creation that no one else on the planet has.

Is now the space to become the energy of money so no one and nothing can stop you?

Facilitated by Katherine McIntosh, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator for 10 years.

If you don't own the workbook, please purchase here: Advanced How to become money workbook


Prerequisite: How to Become Money workbook. Join Katherine Live Starting May 9, 2022: LEARN MORE




  • 10 Zoom calls 
  • 1hr Facilitation each call with Katherine McIntosh
  • In app access via Kajabi
  • Video replays
  • Audio Downloads


Advanced How to become money workbook


$777.00 USD

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The No Judgement Diet programs and classes are based on the tools of Access Consciousness®, created by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, used with permission. Learn more about Access Consciousness© below.

What Is Access Consciousness?

Access Consciousness empowers people to help themselves. It is available to everyone, can be included in your everyday life, and can be applied without outside help.

The tools and techniques of Access Consciousness focus on your knowledge about yourself and the world around you. It is essential in Access that nobody except you personally can know what truly works for you.



Katherine McIntosh uses the tools of Access Consciousness® with permission. 

Learn more about Access Consciousness®, Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer at


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