LIVE ON June 17, 2021 @ 12:30pm MST
The Energy Of Your Body


How often do you let judgments stop you?

Whether it’s your judgments about you, your body, your image, your self-esteem, or it’s you stopping yourself from doing something because you’re worried about other people’s judgments of you.

The point is…

Judgments are not light.  They do not create.

So why do we make them relevant?

You do not need to judge your body to change it.

You do not need to judge your relationship in order to change what’s happening in your relationship.

What would you create if you stopped making judgments relevant to your life?

You’re Invited to the possibilities!

You’re Invited to the Freedom!

You’re Invited to EXPLORE what YOU KNOW!


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You, Your Body, Katherine,

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Infinite Possibilities.


Katherine McIntosh uses the tools of Access Consciousness® with permission. 

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