Screw the Resolution Join a Naked Revolution!

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2019

Only 4% of women all over the world consider themselves beautiful...

So what about the rest of us?

If you have already joined me in the NR then you know it isn’t what you think.  It’s not about being naked.  Or being naked in public. Or about showing off your skin if it’s not comfortable for you.  This is about getting real, raw, naked, and venerable with you.

We are inspiring each other to be more of ourselves in every area of our lives.  Better sex, more money, better relationships, more ease with your body, more ease with food, more ease with the judgment.

I love the idea of being able to help people have more of themselves.  Help people get out of depression, get out of judging themselves, get out of thinking that who they are is not enough.  I went on this long, long journey and nothing ever seemed to change as fast as I thought it was possible. 

My hope is in this journey, in the Naked Revolution- No Judgment Diet, is to give you the tools that worked for me.  To give you the tools of Access Consciousness. To do it in a way that you step out of judgment with you.  Because when you are out of judgment, when you are out of judging or worrying or having fear, then you have space to create your life. My target is to help you step into who you actually are without the judgment, without all of the chatter, and the monkey mind, and the crazy crap that lives in our heads when we are dancing around in this reality.

Are you ready to dive into this journey with beings from all over the world?  

Stay tuned...

Beyond anything, be yourself, have fun, and light the world up.  Because there’s only one you, and there’s only one way to do you and that is your way.  I can’t wait to contribute to that. 

Screw the Resolution It's a Naked Revolution!

I’ll see you on the other side.  

Katherine McIntosh,  CEO & Founder  No Judgment Diet


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