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What if the key to CHANGING your body was LOSING your JUDGMENTS!


It's time to stop judging yourself and start loving the skin you're in.

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 Have you ever really been able to change your body with a diet? If you haven't, why do you keep searching for a diet?

Diets do not empower you to change, they thrive off of the idea that you will judge you.
From the foods you eat, to the exercises you do or don't do, to the size you are, to the clothes you wear, what if all of that didn't define who you are?  
Have you ever seen an elephant complain about the size of its ass? Or heard an elephant talk about how fat it feels after eating grass?
Sounds OBNOXIOUS doesn't it?
And yet everyday, how much do you judge you, and what you eat?

If you are looking to truly change your body, what if you tried a different way? 

But here's the deal.....You actually have to do it in order for it to work.

Welcome to a different way! It may not be easy at first, it may not seem logical, but if you stick with it, you will see that the answers to changing your body were inside of you all along.You just have to listen…Listen to your gut, not to the experts.  Listen to your body’s silent and not so silent cues, listen to the joy when you eat something your body LOVES. Listen to the peace inside when you realize that you are the expert to your own body, you just needed some guidance along the way.This is a never ending journey…

SO don’t give up…Keep Going.

You Got this!

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