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NJD Money Series

Have you made money the CEO of your life? 

Or are you the CEO of your life?


NJD For Your Money Honey is a 10 call deep dive into eliminating the judgments you secretly keep about money that keeps you from creating it, having it, and being the source for the expansion of it in every area of your life.

If you didn’t have to hide the secrets & lies you have about you in regards to money, what would you create as your future that you’ve always dreamed of creating?


How much judgment do you do of you in regards to money? 

This is about everywhere you think you are right and everywhere you think you are wrong with money, saving, spending, having, not having, you are avoiding the places where you are strong and aware of money in areas no one else knows.

Is now the time?


These 10 calls include:

  • Video replays

  • Audio recordings 

  • Written clearings

  • A membership site for full access to all the content.

What the 10 calls look like:

  • Call 1   Who’s in Charge of Your Life?  You or Money?

Do you allow the amount of money you do or you don’t have, dictate your choices?  Do you make your decisions based on how much money you may or may not make? 

  • Call 2   Are You Inventing Issues with Money?

Have you ever had the experience of knowing you need to create money for bills, for a plane ticket, for a class, or something you desire to choose or need to choose, but you go into lack or not having, or you start to go into worry or fear or panic and you start inventing all these what if scenarios.

  • Call 3  What Judgments Keep You From Having?

How many lies are you using to keep money away?  You are not your family. You are not the lack your family has.  You are You. You have the capacity to create infinite possibilities in every area of your life.   

  • Call 4  Are You Willing to Be the Source?

What does it mean to you to be the source of your financial reality?  When you allow other people to take over for you, or make decisions for you, you remove yourself from being the creator of your finances and you are at the affect of what other people choose for you. 

  • Call 5  The Conclusions that Keep You From the Adventure of Having, Being, & Receiving

How many times have you turned down an opportunity that you really wanted to choose based on the conclusion that the money wasn’t in your bank account?  When you allow what’s in your wallet to dictate your choices, you stop yourself from creating, but you also stop your receiving the awareness that would actualize possibilities and choice instantaneously. 

  • Call 6  Are you Creating For Result or Are you Creating For Possibility?

When is the last time you allowed yourself to be delighted and surprised by the way the universe delivers everything you’ve been asking for?

Or are you a control freak and trying to dictate how and what and when the universe NEEDS to give you what you’ve decided you want? 

  • Call 7  Asking For The Money Honey

Are you asking based on what you think you can have?  Or Are you asking based on a possibility beyond what you ever imagined?

What if your asks could create universes of possibilities & choices? 

  • Call 8  Flirting With The Joy of Money

When you flirt what does that create in your body?  Do you get excited? Do you get turned on? Do you engage in the curiosity?

Flirting is an art that can create a whole new world if you’re willing to receive.  What if you could flirt with money the way you flirt with others? 

  • Call 9  Ease of Having - The Ease of Receiving

What would your living be like if everyone wanted to contribute to you and you could create anything you want and anything you desire at anytime?

All that's required is for you to receive! 

  • Call 10 - Being Money & Being You with Money

Are you logical?  Is Your Body logical? Is Money logical?  No, but how much do you try to calculate logical with money which takes you out of BEING YOU.  You have a capacity with money that you’ve never allowed yourself to explore. What if you started to be you with money, instead of the finite pile of worry and fear you make yourself out to be?

Jump in and play with us...



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Based on the tools of Access Consciousness® and the book - Living Beyond Distraction and facilitated by Katherine McIntosh.  

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