Is it time you discovered how to invite, inspire, and share with the world something that could change peoples lives?

Think of something that has completely changed your life.

For me, it's someone introducing me to the Bars & the tools of Access Consciousness. If my friend Mary wouldn't have invited me to a session, my life would be completely different than it is today.

I sometimes imagine what my life would be like if Mary wouldn't have shared the Bars with me, and to be honest, I'm not sure I want to imagine my life without Bars and the tools of Access Consciousness.

It saved me from depression, anxiety, stress, and it took me from a life of surviving, to a life that I had always dreamed of having, but didn't think I could have.

Mary shared the bars her way and it worked. That one moment forever changed my life.


What if you could change someone's life by sharing something that changed your life?

Have you decided you're not good at it?

You want to share with the world what lights you up, but you worry about what people will think, maybe you can sense the judgments that may arise, maybe you don't like hearing the word no, or you fear getting rejected. Maybe you think you need to give people every ounce of information so they will say yes.

Or worse, every time you go to promote, it feels heavy so you just avoid it all together.

Avoiding promotion is the lie you buy to avoid changing your life.

If you've ever shared something you love, like a restaurant, a book, a podcast, a beauty product, a coach, or a business, that is promoting.

When it makes an impression on you or an impact on your life, you want others to know about it.

That is promotion.


There is no right way to promote, there is only giving yourself permission to discover the natural ways that you love to share.

>>>Proving is not promotion<<<

>>>Convincing is not promotion<<<

>>>Twisting People into submission is not Promotion<<<

Sharing what's true for you, telling your story, showing people what's changed for you, and sharing what lights you up is all promotion.

If you were willing to share what's true for you, would that change your life?

My friends, what you have to share with the world changes people's lives. When you avoid promoting, you avoid helping others choose things that would change their lives.

So isn't it time you discovered how to invite, inspire, and share with the world something that could change people's lives?

5 Calls Over 5 Days.

Discover how to connect, integrate, inspire, and take action.

No Judgment. Just Choice.

What you'll get:

5 Facilitation calls

In app access to all of your content in the KAJABI APP.

Video & Audio recordings

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How The Heck Do I Promote?


$150.00 USD

The beauty, magic, and potency of the Access Consciousness® Clearing Statement is its capacity to clear the hidden stuff that you aren’t even aware of that is keeping you stuck!

Watch Dr. Dain Heer explain the words and how you can use it to change what you would like to create differently in your life.

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The No Judgement Diet programs and classes are based on the tools of Access Consciousness®, created by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, used with permission. Learn more about Access Consciousness© below.

What Is Access Consciousness?

Access Consciousness empowers people to help themselves. It is available to everyone, can be included in your everyday life, and can be applied without outside help.

The tools and techniques of Access Consciousness focus on your knowledge about yourself and the world around you. It is essential in Access that nobody except you personally can know what truly works for you.



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