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Imagine being able to choose from everything in the universe to create the life you truly desire?


Are you willing to create a WOW life? 


Imagine being able to choose from everything in the universe to create the life you truly desire?


What creates more is being enthusiastic for everything you see and perceive that lights you up and expands your reality… even if you don’t yet have it.


Trips around the world? Yes Please!

The house (or two) of your dreams? Yes Please!

A car that is fast, fun, sexy, and exhilarating to drive? Absolutely!

A Business you are proud of? Yes! 

A sexy body that expands your life? Ummm…That’s a no brainer! 

Who doesn’t desire a body they love?


You can begin to create everything you desire to have in life by being willing to allow yourself to be the energy of having it.


Go shopping for a car, homes, a vacation on the beach, a gold watch, a rug, a new wardrobe,  your sexy car, and so much more.


When we go shopping, we only allow ourselves to have what we think we can afford, but what if that limits what we’re capable of creating and being and having in the world?


What if you allowed yourself to HAVE everything you desire… so you allow yourself to receive everything energetically…It allows the energy to create something phenomenal.


Years ago when I realized that what I wanted to create as a relationship wasn’t out there as a reality, I started to discover the elements I wanted to have as a part of a relationship that would be something that would make me go "WOW!"…


It wasn’t in just one person, it was combining the energies of thousands of different energies and realizing that even if I didn’t see examples out there of what I wanted to create…I could create it anyway, by taking the energies, elements, and attributes that lit me up...

Whether it was in an actual person, in a magazine, a movie, or something else...

After all, I was designing MY Reality.



So, if this is you, with a burning desire to truly allow yourself to imagine what it would be like to have it all, then you are invited to spend two full weeks exploring every aspect of the elements that would create your amazing life.




  • 10 Zoom calls 
  • Facilitation with Katherine McIntosh
  • Homeplay to Inspire your creativity and Energize your receiving
  • In app access via Kajabi
  • 10 Video replays
  • 10 Audio Downloads


The WOW Factor


$315.00 USD
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