I'm Katherine McIntosh...


I'm an International Intuitive Consultant, World Class Energy Worker, Author, and Speaker. 

I am fascinated by the body's ability to heal and regenerate itself. At a young age, I realized I had an extraordinary gift to read energy, contribute to people's businesses, body's, relationships, and lives. It took me a long time to realize I could make a living doing what I love. 

I've been fortunate enough to do what I love, travel all over the world, have incredible clients from all walks of life, raise my son in one of the most incredible places in the world, and continue to find ways to push the envelope on self-awareness and evolution.

If you are here, this site is chock full of free resources, information, online learning, videos, a podcast, upcoming classes, and so much more!

People always ask me how I came to do what I do.  The truth is. it wasn't always an easy path, but it's the only one I know.

I ignored my intuition and tried living a "normal" life.  I was a successful real estate agent, married, had investment properties, and I was on my way to having a life that most people were envious of.

But on the inside, I was depressed, drinking and smoking, and doing absolutely everything I could do to AVOID the TRUTH.

My body broke down and I had a spiritual awakening that led me on a very unique path to discovering what I was born to do.

I studied with Shamans from all over the world, found myself studying Somatic Psychology in Grad School, taught Dance Movement Therapy, and became a self-awareness junkie.  I didn't really have any FORMAL training, but more of my own carved education from healers, mentors, teachers, and coaches.

On that path, I discovered that I could open up stuck patterns in people's bodies and lives so that they could THRIVE.

There is not ONE technique, nor ONE way to transform.  For almost 3 decades I've just learned what works through practice, experimentation, and evolution.

Everyone who I have worked with says:

"You can't explain it, you just have to experience it."

I've worked with Hollywood Actors, Famous Musicians, World-Class Healers, New York Times Best Selling Authors, Architects, Business Owners, Speakers, Coaches, Real Estate Agents, just-starting-out entrepreneurs, and seekers from all walks of life.

I've been featured on CNBC in Dubai, spoke at both Media City and Google in Dubai, and was featured in a summit with Jack Canfield.

I have facilitated hundreds of workshops & worked with thousands of clients all over the world including London, Paris, Rome, Dubai, Dublin, Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago, New York City, Aspen, Sydney, Melbourne, Mexico, Bimini, and more! 

I have learned and studied from many many different teachers, and I have a giant thirst for knowledge. I spent the last two decades traveling, studying, working, and transforming through experience. I use my background in Somatic Psychology, Energy Medicine, Movement Therapy, and Consciousness to invoke true lasting change in people’s lives. 

My clients and those who attend live & online events always say the same thing: "You can't explain it, you just have to experience it."  For most people, the experience is life-changing.


My new book Don't Diet. Be Happy. The book Jack Canfield said was "A Game Changer, Pattern, Interrupt, Major Disrupter, and Should be required reading for everyone." It is a bold, emotional, practical, and personal memoir that offers tools to create your best body, business, and life by focusing on the things that really matter.

I feel lucky enough to live in Aspen with my son, work with clients from all over the world, and have a private practice at The West End Med Spa in Aspen. When I'm not working doing what I love or traveling the world, you can find me skiing, snowboarding, biking, & hiking in the mountains.