Katherine McIntosh


A World Class Energy Worker, Global Facilitator, Author, International Speaker, and Entrepreneur, Katherine has worked with Hollywood Actors, Famous Musicians, World-Class Healers, New York Times Best Selling Authors, Architects, Business Owners, Speakers, Coaches, Real Estate Agents, just starting out entrepreneurs, and seekers from all walks of life looking to make their lives better.

Katherine was featured on CNBC in Dubai, spoke at both Media City and Google in Dubai, and was featured in a summit with Jack Canfield.

Katherine has facilitated classes & worked with clients all over the world including London, Paris, Rome, Dubai, Dublin, Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago, New York City, Aspen, Sydney, Melbourne, Mexico, Bimini, and more! Katherine uses her background in somatic psychology, energy medicine, movement therapy, and Access Consciousness to invoke true lasting change in people’s lives. 

Katherine found the power and wisdom in finding a practical and effective way to change her body, business, and life by eradicating judgment from her diet. She discovered the power of living by listening to her intuition. She’s traveled around the world facilitating the concepts in her book that have helped thousands of people wake up to their best life. Her book Don't Diet. Be Happy is a bold, emotional, practical and personal memoir that offers tools to create your best body, business, and life by focusing on the things that really matter.

Katherine lives in Aspen with her son, works with clients all over the world remotely and has a private practice at The West End Med Spa in Aspen where she sees clients in person. When she’s not working doing what she loves or traveling the world, she can be found skiing, snowboarding, biking, & hiking in the mountains.

You can find her podcast at http://www.gangsterofconsciousness.com