In times of great change, my survival kit

for the last 8 years has been humor, movement, consciousness, and question. 

In times of great adversity, fear is not the answer.  Fear is not a catalyst that invites change.  You being the difference you are invites the world to something different.

If you would like your own personal survival kit of resources based on the tools of Access Consciousness® to go beyond this reality.  

I invite you to this personal survival guide filled with tools to create more awareness, more lightness, and to help you let go of anything and everything that is heavy in your world.  


What do you get!?

A basket full of goodies to get you through the insanity and into the possibilities!

For ONLY $20


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Included in this basket of possibilities;

1.   Allowance Call One
2.  7 Days of NJD Everyday

Where you receive

  • video 
  • audio 
  • a quick energy pull
  • 7 days of destroying and uncreating all points of views, 
  • The Access mantra: All of life comes to me with ease, joy & glory™ 10 x
  • Fracking the insanity.  

We hand picked 7 from the last 4 months of doing this every single day.

3.  Experience 2020 Energy Pull recording

4. A Energy Pull for The Extraordinary Experience Of Energizing Everything in Your Life.

Energy pulls amp up your willingness to be an infinite being and know you are capable of creating ANYTHING!

One energy pull and on of the NJD Everyday recordings are selected specifically to give you resources and information about the Corona Virus and how to use your awareness to create greater.

(Does not include toilet paper, beer, or a face maskšŸ˜‰)

YES! Give Me The Survival Guide For ONLY $20
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