Discover the simple strategies to transform your body for good and find freedom, joy, and happiness in your own body.
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If you’re feeling trapped in your body, frustrated that nothing you’ve tried has ever worked, and you’re tired of feeling sick and tired of feeling out of control in your body, and you really want to love the skin you’re in, feel comfortable in your body, have more fun, more energy & vitality, less stress, and more time  & energy to do the things you want to do and you’re finally ready to step into the greatest version of yourself and stop being held hostage in your own body, I know how you feel.


My name is Katherine and I was just like, you, I spent 20 years of my life hating my body, thinking I was fat & ugly, spent 24 hours a day obsessing over changing my body and wasted almost $500,000 trying to change my body and I failed miserably because I wasn’t addressing the actual problem.  In my research, I discovered the one thing that truly transformed my life. 


When I did, it gave me freedom, the ability to love myself, and the joy of being happy in my own skin. That lasted a decade, until I started to experience MENOPAUSE and then all of a sudden nothing that worked before was working and I felt like I had lost complete control. I was depressed, lethargic, erratic, woke up to an extra 15 pounds and a roll around my belly that I ever had before. I was frustrated, confused, and desperate to find a solution. After almost a year of attempting to find a solution in doctor's offices, blood tests, and experts who claimed to know how to help me (most of these experts were men), I accidentally stumbled upon something from grad school that instantaneously began to transform my body. Now I feel fulfilled, have more energy, a feeling of deep satisfaction and appreciation, and have created a body, business, and life I love that I never thought possible. And the best part, it was easy, no restricting, no hard exercises, no second-guessing. It allowed me to do these few simple tweaks where I focused on a few basic strategies that left me with a sense of freedom, aliveness, and joy.  And the best part is, that energy transformed my relationship with myself and in turn transformed every relationship I've ever had.

Join this challenge and you will discover the Body Shift Awakening - the exact strategies I've used to love the skin you’re in, transform your body, have more energy, drop weight, ease pain, and truly step into the body and life you always wanted but didn’t know you could have.


You will finally have space to do the things you love and spend time with the people you love. It can improve your digestion, deepen intimacy in all your relationships, improve your parenting, and increase abundance in all areas of your life. People have lost weight, changed their relationship with food, dropped several sizes, stopped rejecting themselves because of their weight, taken risks they’ve always wanted to take, but mostly they took back their freedom and felt empowered and alive in their body in a way they never felt before. 

This challenge will transform you if you allow it.

This course promises to deliver real results by eliminating the lies & false promises about your body, pain, hormones, and weight. But here's the deal, you have to dive all in, let go of the lies you've been buying about your body, and invest your time and energy into paying attention to what REALLY MATTERS when it comes to changing your body long term.

Imagine getting your power back. Imagine trusting that it's possible for you. And imagine waking up alive, energized, and empowered.

This course will go against everything you've been taught, and instead, speak to the wisdom inside your body that's always been there...

You hold the key to setting yourself free!

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Can You CHANGE Your BODY By Changing What You FOCUS On?


 Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

It's not that we shouldn't be thinking about changing our bodies, it's that we might need to change what we are focusing on.


If you are constantly feeling disconnected from your body, frustrated in your life, confused about which direction to take your life, you are constantly judging your body, feeling insecure, and obsessing over what foods to eat or not eat, I know how you feel. In my 30+ years of research, I have discovered the mindset shifts that could once and for all change your body.

It has nothing to do with food, exercise, or weight. 

Welcome to the Body Shift Awakening - strategies that could allow you to eat the foods you love, and once and for all have freedom in your body, business, and life.


When you SHIFT your FOCUS to what energizes your body, it will radically transform your life.

Think about it...

Does going on a diet make you happy?
If you are like most women, then you have probably gone on an average of 8 diets a year for 30 years and spent over $1,440 a year on diets.  That's over $44,000 in one lifetime.

On something that doesn't actually work...

Can you say INSANE?!If the diet truly worked, you wouldn’t need another one!So what if there truly is a better way?One that puts you in the driver’s seat.One that honors you, honors your body, celebrates its difference.Stop the insanity of trying a different diet thinking it’s about the diet.NEWSFLASH: It isn’t about the diet!You’d be surprised that over 90% of your challenges with your body is more psychological than physical.So if you are ready to embrace your beauty, wake up LOVING your body, then welcome to a challenge that won’t just change the way you think, it will change your body and change the way you see yourself so you can truly be free.

❤️ Imagine loving the skin you're in.

❤️ Being Happy.

❤️ Waking up and feeling like you have something to look forward to every day.

❤️ Feel Sexy 

❤️ Have more intimacy in your relationships

❤️ Trust Your body

❤️ And truly create the business, body, and life you love!


Results include:

❤️ Improved Digestion

❤️ Regulated Nervous System

❤️ Weight Loss

❤️ Clothes start fitting better

❤️ Drop a size in your clothes

❤️ More Freedom

❤️ Better Quality of Life

❤️ Improved Intimacy in all your relationships

❤️ More Joy and Freedom

❤️ More Clarity

❤️ More time for the things you love

❤️ And so much more...



Welcome to the Breakthrough Body Challenge



What will you discover in this Challenge?

- Discover WHY you haven’t been able to lose weight and keep it off - 

- Learn The Somatic Exercises that will drop cortisol levels, help you feel safe in your own body and be able to digest food properly so you have more energy and feel good in your skin.

- Learn how to release brain fog, sore joints, feelings of lethargy and so much more.

- Find the foods that your body thrives on. Surprisingly many healthy foods don’t always work for your body, so find out if you're eating healthy foods that are counterproductive to your growth.

-Eliminate the subconscious conflicts you have that prevent your body from becoming youthful, healthy, vibrant, and alive.

- Eat the foods you love without keeping the yo-yo cycle in place

- Discover the movements that help you feel more connected to your body and why you might be doing the WRONG thing for your body.

- Learn why a healthy relationship with your body will help you release excess weight so you can keep the weight off for good and create an overall sense of lightness that will give you the energy you need

- If you’ve had a hard time understanding your body’s cues, listening to what it’s trying to tell you, learn how you can empower yourself to open the lines of communication and finally be able to listen to the subtle cues so you can finally feel FREE.

This Challenge works because it's ALL ABOUT YOU! It's not about food, it's not about exercise, it's about tapping into the energy inside of you, but don't take our word for it, here are just some of the hundreds of messages we've received...

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Do you want to be part of the thousands of people from around the world finally having FREEDOM with their bodies?

Here's what you get if you Join this Challenge Now before this special offer goes away...

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5 Days of Video Lessons 

Each video will walk you through the psychology, the energy, the exact things you can do to transform your body with total ease. You will be able to watch each video at your own pace and re-visit each one as you go. You will receive a new challenge every day inspired to give you the BREAKTHROUGH you've been looking for 

Value $497

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Lifetime Access to the Course


You will have access to the exact tools that could change your body for life. Just like building muscle memory, the more you do the course, the more you practice each lesson and integrate the Body Shift Awakening System over and over again. The more you practice, the more it becomes a part of you!

Value $997

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Support, Connect, and Thrive!

Ask questions, share your ahas, support each other and watch yourself feel held by people from all over the world changing, transforming, and celebrating!

Value - Priceless!

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- 5 Q & A Sessions - 

Get answers to questions, you've been having and how to make the shift

- 2 Somatic Exercise Videos -

Relax your nervous system, release trauma, regulate hormones, release density, heal patterns

- 5 Specific Meditation Exercises -

Each one specifically designed to SHIFT your cells, your emotions, and your energy around your body

- Vagus Nerve Exercise -

This specific exercise is a gold mine for those who have tried EVERYTHING - this one is priceless and can shift it all with just 3 minutes a day

- Katherine's Daily Routine -

Discover the exact strategies that helped me lose 19 pounds in just a few months with total ease 

Value - $1,222

Total Cost of this Amazing Challenge is $2,716.

Act now before it disappears! 

Get lifetime access to these incredible resources for just $77!



Perhaps it's time to start loving the skin you're in. This 5 Day challenge will inspire you to find what makes you happy!  And when you're happy, you not only can change your body... You can change your WHOLE LIFE!



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