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What does your body desire to be in the world that you’re not letting it be?



What if everything truly is the opposite of what it appears to be, especially when it comes to changing the body?

The truth is that most of us have been taught to use our heads to change our bodies.  But the body does not change by using thought. The body changes by experiencing energy.

Energy doesn't exist on a timeline. It is timeless and it can be instantaneous.

When you discover the energies that your body thrives on, then you can tap into those energies and teach yourself how to connect to those energies every day.

If you have been trying to change something about your body or something about your life and you've been trying to figure it out for more than a year, then no amount of figuring it out is going to give you a permanent solution.

You cannot figure out how to change with your head.  You have to go into your body to allow change to transform you.

It's not about a diet, a pill, a sedative, a surgery, or a formula that someone else gives you.

It's about BECOMING, learning, trusting, and discovering HOW to create communion with your body so that you can truly transform your body and your life,

Once you do that, you will become unstoppable.

You cannot think yourself into change, you have to teach yourself how to become an energy that allows for the body’s natural ability to heal itself, energize itself, and create itself.


Our job is to allow change to flow in the direction of our dreams. 

Force doesn’t work.  Judgments don’t work, but allowance, gratitude, and aliveness are all the energies that can activate the magic of possibilities.


You cannot focus on what is wrong in order to create change, nor can you change the body based on what everyone tells you works.  


You have to discover what is true for you and your body.

True genius doesn’t need to make sense to anyone else but you.


Come for 30 days where you can learn and discover HOW to activate energies inside of you that will truly transform you. 

We will be PRACTICING every day how to teach your body to become an energy that allows the body to naturally activate.

You can also receive personal facilitation with your body so you can truly begin to discover what is actually true for you instead of deciding what you think is true.  


If it’s actually true, it will change. If it’s not true, it won’t change.


The body functions on the truth of chaos and every time we insert judgment into our world’s, we stop the chaos that is available for change to actualize.


What if you could discover the truth of your body’s abilities?


Are you willing to allow your body to change & transform in magical ways that don’t fit into this reality?


Your body is different.  It doesn’t respond to diagnosis or normal methods for change and healing.


The body’s natural ability is to heal.  Are you ready to explore what is possible beyond this reality?

Come to this class with all the tools necessary to succeed.  This class is different because we will be teaching your body how to CHOOSE different energies so you can change.  It's not enough to THINK about it, you have to re-train the brain to experience something different. It has to become a habit.

What if you spent 30 days learning how to become the energy that allows your body to transform?

What's included?

You will have instant access to the original class so that you can prepare yourself for the next 30 days. ($1000 class INCLUDED)




This experience is for you if:


 You’ve tried all the normal methods you’ve been told should work but it’s not working

Your body has it’s own way of changing, you just don’t always know what it is

You know your body is different you just haven’t figured out what would work

You know that you have a capacity with bodies, energy, and all things unseen


Imagine waking up and knowing your body…


Is Capable of Instantaneous Change

Can Transform Universes

Can Create Absolutely Anything You Want 







  • Body - An Exploration of the body beyond this reality ($1000)
  • Daily Practices -  Experience teaching your body how to practice changing the molecules of your body.
  • 15 Zoom calls
  • Facilitation with Katherine McIntosh
  • Experiences to Practice Integrating this new energy
  • Homeplay to Inspire your creativity and energize your receiving
  • In app access via Kajabi
  • Video replays
  • Audio Downloads
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