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Can You CHANGE Your BODY By Changing What You FOCUS On?



 Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

It's not that we shouldn't be thinking about changing our bodies, it's that we might need to change what we are focusing on.

Think about it…

When you want to change your body you focus on the results you are getting. 

That's actually a BRILLIANT IDEA...

But instead of focusing on what you are eating, or what you shouldn't eat, or how much weight you've lost or how much muscle you've gained, or the fact that you need to heal something...



Think about it...

Does going on a diet make you happy?
If you are like most women, then you have probably gone on an average of 8 diets a year for 30 years and spent over $1,440 a year on diets (at least).  That's over $44,000 in one lifetime. And for women that are body obsessed, they've spent way more than that.

On something that doesn't actually work...

Can you say INSANE?!If the diet truly worked, you wouldn’t need another one!So what if there truly is a better way?One that puts you in the driver’s seat.One that honors you, honors your body, celebrates its difference.

One that allows you to EAT, LIVE, MOVE, THRIVE, and BE HAPPY! ☺️

One that allows you to know what questions to ask to give you more energy, keep you balanced, speed up your metabolism, decrease inflammation, help you with sleep, and so much more.

You can discover what rules to make for yourself, and most of all, allows you to STOP yourself from JUDGING YOU

This is about a change that is not just skin deep.  It resources you with choices to navigate your triggers, change your behaviors, and replace your habits with positive reinforcement that can literally change the future of your life.Stop the insanity of trying a different diet thinking it’s about the diet.NEWSFLASH: It isn’t about the diet!You’d be surprised that over 90% of your challenges with your body are more psychological than physical.

And here's one of the biggest ones that may both shock you and be controversial.

It's not about the FOOD.

Which explains why when sometimes you barely eat and still gain weight.

it's also why sometimes your body may need lots of food and you lose weight.
So if you are ready to face the beauty in between your ears, listen to the sounds of you waking up LOVING your body, then welcome to a challenge that won’t just change the way you think, it will change the way you see yourself and your body.

❤️ Imagine loving the skin you're in.

❤️ Being Happy.

❤️ Waking up and feeling like you have something to look forward to every day.

The truth is loving your body isn't just good for your body... it's good for your family, your children, your relationships, your job, your creativity, your health, your longevity, your happiness, and so much more.


It's the little things that matter...

Transforming your body isn't one choice.

It's a million different choices over time, but the biggest truth is that learning to love your body is a skill.  It's a life-changing skill that dan change the planet. 



Welcome to The Body Challenge! 


Here's What's Included!

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12 LIVE Coaching Calls  with Katherine McIntosh 

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Clearings to use to unwind your old body programming

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Energetic exercises to integrate into your daily regiment

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Meditations to Play at night and in the morning to rewire your body into a new reality

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Challenges to experiment with every day inspired to get you HAPPY with your body NOW & tapped into your body's intuition. You know and you've always known. Learn to trust it and it will change your life.

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Questions to ask so you can get clear on food, movement, body, energy, sleep, and so much more.

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In app access where you can access all of the class tools and information directly from your phone 

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Audio & Video Recordings Included

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BONUS: An Interactive Don't Diet, Be Happy Workbook that the PUBLIC doesn't yet have access to!  (Value $150)

 *** You will have access to this course, the clearings, and the meditations to listen to over and over again to change the psychological reasons you have judged, hated, and struggled with your body. This isn't a quick fix.  This isn't about putting a bandaid on a lifelong problem. This is a course designed to give you self-mastery over your body and your life. *** 

Results vary from weight loss, to changing shape, getting off medications, cutting medications in half, less stress, making more money, increasing quality of life, less pain, activating the body's ability to heal itself and so much more.  Everything depends on you, but ultimately this isn't about measuring your body by a size, but rather measuring the quality of your life by how happy, fulfilled, and connected to your life you feel.

Katherine is not a medical doctor.  She has a background in Somatic Psychology, Energy Medicine, Alternative Modalities, Shamanism and more and has been teaching this work for a decade and has been working with clients and bodies for 20+ years. Her clients report drastic shifts in all areas once they recognize that the change starts from within and identifying behaviors that may have started in pre-verbal stages. Once you can change the pre-verbal wounds, you may just change everything in your life. See below what people are saying!

  Perhaps it's time to start loving the skin you're in. This Body Challenge will inspire you to find what makes you happy!  And when you're happy, you not only can change your body... You can change your WHOLE LIFE! 

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