Trust what you know, discover how to use what you know and create the life you’d like to have!


Are you psychic? 


Are you Intuitive? Do you have a good gut instinct?  Do you know things before they happen?


Have you been wanting: 

  • to trust and know that you know?
  • To follow the little Impulses?
  • To know what is and isn’t true for you?


Energy and being aware of energy comes in all forms.


What do you know?


Welcome to the extension 

Must have completed Energy - The Beginning as a pre-requisite!

A class designed to wake you up, activate that internal knowing, and help you discover how to use what you know, trust what you know, explore what you know and create the life you’d like to have!


An extension of the original series that literally is one of the most extraordinary classes I’ve ever facilitated.


New Energies - New Awareness - New Information - Expanded Realities


The journey started with Energy - The Beginning - a class designed to invite you to explore energies in a way that lets you know you know.


You know about energy, you know how to perceive it, play with it, use it, create with it, and so much more.


Come take a deeper dive into your knowing and discover what’s truly possible…you got this!


Must have completed Energy - The Beginning as a pre-requisite!



What will we do in this 8 week course?

  • Discover what you know about energy
  • Learn your unique way of perceiving things
  • Clear out any energies that block your clarity
  • Discover tools that help you be more clear
  • Learn how to direct your energy to things that expand your life, increase your joy, and give you a reason for living
  • Learn how to read energy both in person and remotely
  • Activate your intuition
  • Trust your gut
  • Work with the energies and how to work with the energy of people
  • Learn how to Activate the body's natural healing abilities in yourself and others.
  • Practice what you learn and begin to TRUST you
  • Energize your life
  • Change your life and the lives of those around you


What you'll get:
  • 8 weeks of tools, questions & home play to activate all your capacities!
  • Weekly Facilitation (Zoom) Calls (Ask any question you have LIVE) 
  • In app access to all of your content in the KAJABI APP.
  • Video & Audio recordings
  • More 
Energy - The Extension


$997.00 USD

Topics we will cover around energy

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  Trusting Your Intuition. Trust the unspoken energies, the sensations, and feelings you perceive
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Discovering how you read/perceive energy & how to work with the way you read energy
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Going beyond the doubt. You are aware of energy and always have been. Trust that you know and learn how to use what you know


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Open the pathways to which you receive information. Sound, sight, touch, colors, visuals in pictures, body sensations and so much more!
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Learn to work with energy, change the energy in yourself and others. Learn where to touch, how to touch, and what energies help expedite results (including long distance)


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Know that something is always happening even if you can’t feel it or see it. Bodies respond to energy and discover how to activate the body's natural healing capacities.


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Navigate the different ways the body is communicating and what that means. Activate HOW to shift and change someone's life by changing the energy in their body.


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Integrate & put into practice. We grow by practicing. It's not about getting it right, It's about practicing beginners' mind. The less you think you know the more you can trust your knowing.


Find ways to:

***Have more energy
***Activate an enthusiasm for life
***Be inspired
***Increase your drive to create
***Trust yourself when it comes to your body, business & life
***Get comfortable charging what you are worth
***Make a bigger impact with your clients, relationships, business and life
***Use secret hacks to get closer to your dreams, change the energy fo your life and get happy quicker
***Clear your energy, the energy of your home, car, business, body and more
***Get congruent with your asks
***Manifest quicker than normal
***Expedite your healing and the healing of those around you
***Make healing fun and not so serious (the more joy you activate, the quicker the healing)
***And so much MORE!

Katherine's Facilitation is Dynamic, straight to the point, and will unwind all the unconscious blocks with your body you didn't even know you had.

People report massive changes in their relationship with their body and food.


Katherine has studied a lot of different modalities, worked with world renowned healears and shamans from all over the world. Studied anatomy & physiology of the body and has spent her life obsessed with the human condition and how to change it. Katherine knew from a very young age she was born to activate the body's own ability to heal.

Katherine is self-taught through 3 decades of trial and error, experimenting with what does work and what doesn't work.  Short cut your own period of trial and error by discovering what works for you and how you read and play with energy.
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