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 Are you done letting food control your life?



What’s your relationship with food?


What if it could be joyful, expansive, empowering, and nurturing?


What if the more you empower you with food, the less you separate from you, from consciousness, from the magic and powerful that’s possible with every area of your living?


Food can be something that changes your body and life!


Unfortunately, we spend so much time undercutting the joy of eating, the joy of choosing, the joy of pleasure from food because we’re so worried about the impact food will have, which causes us to judge, separate, and hide.


Is it time to let your light out and allow your body to shine?


A 30 Day Adventure into unwinding, unraveling, and empowering you when it comes to food, letting go of judging your body with food, and literally allowing your body to embody the space of creativity and choice when you aren’t sucked into a rabbit hole of judgment.


It’s time to wake up, break up with your old relationship with food, and truly discover what it means to COME ALIVE inside and outside of your body!


Let your body receive the gift of FOOD!


Are you done letting food control your life?


Are you ready to embrace the adventure, the magic, and the nurturing joy that food could provide?


This is your invitation to wake up to a different world. 


People Pleasing - The Class


$1,997.00 USD

Choosing the 30 days, 1 hour a day, I’m completely unrecognizable, I’m so grateful. Four years ago I don’t know if I could have handled it, today I am ready for this and I am loving every “freaking” call. I LOVE IT! Moving the three and a half day to a 30 day allows for so much more to come up to facilitate and integrate. I think it is just BRILLIANT!        - Heather

 If you can’t stop over eating, stop judging, stop obsessing, or stop trying to get it right…


Then you are invited….NOW is the time!!!!!!



  • The foods that your body loves
  • The foods that may be sabotaging your body’s natural ability to metabolize food
  • The foods that would be best to avoid or reduce drastically
  • Instead of looking at what you can eliminate, reveal what you can add to transform your body
  • Uncover the best ways to listen to your body
  • What foods will make you and your body feel sexy
  • What foods will make your body more money
  • How do you trust what you know and that you know?
  • What foods make you feel lighter
  • Learn your body’s language cues
  • Discover the energies that will sustain your body long term.
  • Discover how to easily let go of judgments of food, your past, and your  food choices..
  • What you need to know about judgments and your body.
  • Find out what foods are best for you.
  • Become the expert who truly trusts that you know what is best for you.
  • Discover a new way to muscle test foods that will shock and empower you.
  • Learn what “good foods” are actually keeping the weight on.
  • Learn what “bad foods” have a positive impact on your health and weight.


Katherine's Facilitation is Dynamic, straight to the point, and will unwind all the unconscious blocks with your body you didn't even know you had.

People report massive changes in their relationship with their body and food.

Included in the 30 Days:

  • In app access to all the recordings. 
  • Video Recordings.
  • Audio Recordings.
  • Homeplay to integrate into your everyday home life.
  • Access to Katherine to ask and receive support throughout the 30 days
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