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What’s your relationship with food?


What’s your relationship with food?


What if it could be joyful, expansive, empowering, and nurturing?


What if the more you empower you with food, the less you separate from you, from consciousness, from the magic and power that’s possible with every area of your living?


Can food can be something that changes your body and life?


Unfortunately, we spend so much time undercutting the joy of eating, the joy of choosing, the joy of pleasure from food because we’re so worried about the impact food will have, which causes us to judge, separate, and hide.


Is it time to let your light out and allow your body to shine?


This 5 Day Adventure is an introduction into unwinding, unraveling, and empowering you when it comes to food, letting go of judging your body with food, and literally allowing your body to embody the space of creativity and choice when you aren’t sucked into a rabbit hole of judgment.


It’s time to wake up, break up with your old relationship with food, and truly discover what it means to COME ALIVE inside and outside of your body!


Let your body receive the gift of FOOD!

FOOD - 5 Day Adventure


$47.00 USD
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