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Become the expert when it comes to your body!



What kind of relationship would you like to have with your body?

One where you measure results based on a size? A scale? A number?

Or one where you measure results based on your happiness? Your joy? Your creativity? Your aliveness? And the relationships that fuel your life?

It’s not wrong to want to change your body, but perhaps the approaches you’ve tried up until now were missing one key ingredient.


How much of your life have you spent trying to change your body?


How much money, time, & effort have you spent on obsessing over making yourself look and feel good? How much have you researched, listened to the experts’ advice? How many early mornings & late nights did you spend making promises to yourself only to wake up depressed, depleted, and defeated?

If your answer is ALOT:

Then you know first hand what it is like to long for freedom with your body.

Freedom from diets, restrictions, judgments, ridicule, shame, and frustration.

What if I told you inside all of the diets, exercise programs, gym memberships, online tutorials, quick fixes, cleanses, pills, teas, restrictions, foods in a box, etc. is one common denominator…

Can you guess what that one common denominator is?

I’ll give you a hint…

It’s not a diet, food, the scale, or measurements.

It’s the key ingredient to truly solving this roller coaster with food, exercise, diets, and your body for good.

The true solution to the results you have always been looking for has nothing to do with the scale, or your size.

Once you discover this powerful ingredient, it will change everything you were ever taught about your body.

This could be the answer you have been looking for.


The one common denominator that all of these things you’ve ever tried have in common is YOU.

So the answer to all of your problems isn’t outside of you.  It’s not in a box or a website, or a guru, it’s YOU!

You have most of the information and resources inside of you to be the change you have been looking for.

What if you became your own body expert?

You won’t get there by judging you, restricting, enforcing rules that you don’t plan on keeping.

But you will get there by discovering the energies that make you come alive, that lift your spirit, that give you more energy, that empower you to keep going and not give up.

You will get there by learning the right questions to ask, the right energies to activate, the things that would improve your metabolism, reverse aging, take the stress and frustration away?

You will get there by knowing what foods are most optimal for YOU and YOUR BODY.

You will get there by measuring your success through means that do not require you to judge you.

The key to lasting success is to TRUST that you know.

Hey Body is a 30 day deep dive into empowering you where you become the expert when it comes to your body!


You know more about you than anyone else. 

What if you know more about your body than anyone else?

You just haven’t been taught how to communicate, listen, engage, and act.

Once you discover that YOU are the answer, your entire life can change.

Hey Body! 30 Day Adventure


$997.00 USD

Choosing the 30 days, 1 hour a day, I’m completely unrecognizable, I’m so grateful. Four years ago I don’t know if I could have handled it, today I am ready for this and I am loving every “freaking” call. I LOVE IT! Moving the three and a half day to a 30 day allows for so much more to come up to facilitate and integrate. I think it is just BRILLIANT!        - Heather

Learn More About:

*Learn to ask your body questions
*Uncover the best ways to listen to your body
*Learn your body’s language cues
*Discover the energies that will sustain your body long term.
*Discover how to easily let go of judgments.
*What you need to know about judgments and your body.
*Begin to wake up happy
*Learn to de-stress your body
*Find ways to avoid focusing on what’s wrong with your body & instead celebrate the gift your body is.
*Find out what foods are best for you.
*Become the expert who truly trusts that you know what is best for you.
*Discover a new way to muscle test foods that will shock and empower you.
*Learn what “good foods” are actually keeping the weight on.
*Learn what “bad foods” have a positive impact on your health and weight.
*Learn how to stop rejecting change.
*Learn how your body communicates to you.
*Learn how you can use the mirror in your house to transform your body.
*What you need to know about choice and food.

Katherine's Facilitation is Dynamic, straight to the point, and will unwind all the unconscious blocks with your body you didn't even know you had.

People report massive changes in their relationship with their body and food.

Included in the 30 Days:

  • In app access to all the recordings. 
  • Video Recordings.
  • Audio Recordings.
  • Homeplay to integrate into your everyday home life.
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