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Imagine it could be EASY to get exactly what you want, remove the energy blocks that keep you from your dream life, and get complete clarity on your life...


Welcome to The Life Shift Awakening System, where you get to know exactly what you need to do and who you need to be in order to have everything in your life start to align.

The money starts flowing, your relationships are filled with connection, support, and aliveness. Your body is in the best place it’s ever been and you feel awake, energized, confident, and aware.


Life just seems to be working out for you in business, wealth, health, family, and relationships.


People compliment you, they love being around you, they wonder what the heck you are doing and you finally feel like you are truly living your best life. 


Let me start this with a story...  


Years ago, i felt like I was being selfish...

I had someone on staff who was not doing her job, she only wanted to do what she wanted to do when she wanted to do it.

It was awful because I knew my business could change so many lives and yet it was falling flat and I didn't know how to properly navigate the drift I was feeling between what I wanted and what was actually occuring.


It felt like I was being stabbed in the back.

I was paying her more than I was paying myself and I was scrambling to make things work and felt like I was walking on eggshells with this particular person, plus i was having to do things behind the scenes that she was supposed to be doing.

I knew I needed to let her go, but I felt like that would be selfish.

I was paying her bills, what would she do if I let her go?

I was afraid, timid, and I was definitely not my best self.  I was so worried about how it would affect her life that I failed to see how her actions were decreasing my ability to make an impact on the lives of those who were looking for what I had to offer.

When I let her go, my business doubled and those who were looking for me and what I was offering could finally find me so they could change their lives.

That moment changed my life, because I realized how selfish it was to not let her go.

It was then that I realized that I was a Chronic People Pleaser and made a commitment from that moment forward to fire my people pleaser. 


The thing that you've worked the hardest to do... make people happy, might be sabotaging your efforts to succeed in every area of your life. 


When you get stuck in other people's worlds, you forget who you are and you may lose sight of your own vision. When you lose sight of your own internal world, life can get messy and you could end up putting the things that are most important to you on hold without even knowing it.

This can impact your health, it can drain your energy, leaving you feeling exhausted and depleted, it could keep you in a chronic state of stress, your cortisol levels could remain spiked, which prevents your body from shedding excess weight, as well as difficulty healing anything going on with your body. It could negatively affect your finances, and your ability to raise your vibration and have easy with money and it might feel like everything you desire in your life is out of reach.


If you are a chronic people pleaser then you might:

 - Worry about what other people think

- Spend too much time making other people happy that you forget about your own happiness

- You feel drained at the end of the day and could suffer from chronic fatigue, stress, anxiety, and an increase in cortisol (which leads to weight gain)

- You feel like you are putting off your life for others

- You struggle with your weight and can't seem to keep it off

- Your emotions feel out of control and you can't seem to regulate yourself

- You struggle to control the world around you and feel unsafe if people around you aren't happy

- You wonder why you can't have the success you truly desire

- You keep searching for answers and keep feeling lost

- You feel like something is wrong with you

- Make choices for others instead of making choices for yourself

- You spend too much time worrying

- You are afraid of hurting other people's feelings so you compromise your values and integrity and end up doing things you don't want to do, which depletes your energy and leaves you feeling drained

- You don't access your own awareness for your creations, instead you use your awareness for others

When this happens you maintain an unhealthy level of stress, your cortisol levels remain spiked which keeps you from losing weight and keeping it off, your hormones get out of whack and your adrenals are shot, this leads to instability, mood swings, irritability...

This affects your ability to make good decisions, it impacts your relationships, it keeps you from focusing on your future, keeps you blaming your circumstances instead of choosing for you with every ounce of your being.

Are you ready to fire your people pleaser & begin to create an extraordinary life?

A life where you feel confident to speak your truth?

A life where you start to say no to things that drain you and yes to everything that matches your dreams?

A life where you begin to feel healthy, alive, and in alignment with everything in your soul?

A life where things start to work with ease?

A life where your relationships grow?

And you finally feel free...


Is it time to let your light out and allow yourself to shine?

What you Get?

Weekly modules and exercises dropped in the course portal that show you how to regulate your nervous system, change old patterns, balance your hormones, change the reaction in your brain, heal and release the traumas that keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns. 

We will also have Live Calls every week for questions, facilitation, clarity, and an even deeper dive into that week's topic. These calls will be recorded and uploaded to the course portal for future viewing.

You will have Lifetime Access to the course modules, calls, exercises, and meditations.

Every week, you will receive new videos to help you eradicate your people pleaser for good, eliminate the traumas that keep you stuck in patterns that prevent you from truly having the freedom you've always desired. These modules can take you from stuck, stressed out, lethargic, and depleted, feeling like you don't have enough energy to feeling full of life, exuberant, alive, more healthy, lighter, and full of inspiration.

*New modules will be released each week, plus there'll be live calls every week for questions, live facilitation, and more.


Calls happen every Tuesday @1:30pm MST 


Are you done letting people pleasing control you life? 


Are you ready to take back control of your life and truly be in control of your destiny?


This is your invitation to wake up to a different world!


People Pleasing - The Class


$1,997.00 USD
People Pleasing - The Class


6 monthly payments of $375.00 USD

I’m completely unrecognizable, I’m so grateful. Four years ago I don’t know if I could have handled it, today I am ready for this and I am loving every “freaking” call. I LOVE IT! Moving the three and a half day to a 30 day allows for so much more to come up to facilitate and integrate. I think it is just BRILLIANT!        - Heather

 If you can’t stop putting every one first, or stop trying to get it right…


Then you are invited….NOW is the time!!!!!!



  • How your new favorite word NO will set you free
  • What it's like to have energy, focus on what lights you up, and take a stand for your future
  • Learn how reducing your cortisol can transform your body
  • Regulate your nervous system and learn how to respond differently to the things you use to over react to
  • Feel confident in knowing you have your back
  • Trust that the universe has your back
  • Discover what it feels like to know that everything you've ever wanted will happen at the perfect time
  • Enjoy the process and the progress you make as you evolve
  • Have more energy and enjoy the newfound freedom of being you in a way you've never been before
  • Learn how becoming selfish can make an even greater impact on others
  • Discover what it's like to wake up with prupose, refreshed and entirely free.
  • Discover how to easily let go of feelings of guilt and shame so you can make sound decisions for you that will also positively impact your family, your future, your joy, and your peace of mind.
  • Learn why fear of rejection keeps you in the pattern and learn how to change it
  • Discover why trying to let go of the things you're trying to change won't solve your problems and then discover what will!
  • Become the expert who truly trusts that you know what is best for you.
  • Find out how to truly listen to your gut when it comes to making decisions that will empower you for the rest of your life.
  • And so much more!


Katherine's Facilitation is Dynamic, straight to the point, and will unwind all the unconscious blocks that prevent you from getting what you want that you didn't even know you had.

Included in the People Pleasing - The Class:

  • In app access to all the modules & the live class recordings. 
  • Video Recordings.
  • Audio Recordings.
  • Homeplay to integrate into your everyday home life.
  • Access to Katherine to ask and receive support throughout the course
People Pleasing - The Class


$1,997.00 USD
People Pleasing - The Class


6 monthly payments of $375.00 USD
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