Starts October 11, 2021 @ 12pm MST


An Immersion Experience designed to allow you to resource yourself beyond the traumas of your life!



How many times do you desire to change something about you, your body, your lifestyle, your finances, only to find yourself not being able to go beyond a certain threshold?


Without knowing it, your autonomic nervous system is designed to keep you safe. So in the middle of experiencing something foreign to the body… success, increased energy, a new relationship, the body and brain start to compute whether or not it is in danger. If it senses (in any way) that you are unsafe, it will mobilize all of its energetic resources to survive. 

When the body is in survival mode, and the reptilian brain is activated, everything is activated to either fight, flight, freeze, or fawn.

What I’ve discovered lately is how much all the unseen patterning and subconscious root sensations of feeling unsafe dramatically impacts the physical body. Do you feel unsafe in your body? Does your body feel unsafe with you?

There is a huge correlation between safety and weight, pain, or disease. If you haven’t been able to change something about your physical body, then perhaps it’s time to eradicate the unseen subconscious patterns in your life that were caused by traumas.  Once you eradicate them, you are free to create your life!


You are an incredible, awake, aware being. You’ve been through hell and back and up until now, you’ve done the best you can.  And now, if you are willing, you are invited to break down the barriers, tear down the limitations, and open the door to the aliveness that has always been inside of you. Your body is waiting!


This two-day deep dive is designed to activate your intuition, allow you to truly trust you, and to create a living that makes you COME ALIVE!

Are you in fight or flight with your body? If so, is now the time?

You're invited to go deep with Katherine and truly be held in a container that helps you safely let go of the pains of the past that have been hiding underneath the surface so you can actually go for your dreams.

It isn't about not getting stuck.  It's about taking action beyond the stuckness, beyond the limitations, beyond the excuses.

You were born to thrive!

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Everything has shifted. I'm back at the gym. My eating has changed. It's quite remarkable! 

But that question alone: Are you in fight & flight with your body? THAT was the key! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!   - Heather 

 Welcome to a three week, deep dive immersion designed to get you to feel SAFE. 


  1. Create security
  2. Become alive in every cell of your body
  3. Get free from the addiction to play small
  4. Choose to be the expert in your life


This class will invite you to let go of the limitations that keep you stuck. Most of these aren't known to you, because if they were known, you would have already changed them.

Are you ready to set yourself FREE!?



Class Details:

**All class times @ 12pm MST**

Week One: October 11, 13, 15

Week Two: October 18, 20, 22

Week Three: October 25, 27, 29

All Classes will happen on Zoom and will be one hour



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