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Gangster of Consciousness Podcast

Hosted by: Katherine McIntosh

Gangster of Consciousness Podcast with Katherine McIntosh is a daily bright ray of sunshine.


Feeling Safe

Today's topic is all about feeling safe. When we don't feel safe, we will find coping mechanisms to try to satiate our nervous system so that our nervous system begins to feel protected. If you are somebody who uses...
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Are You Resisting Your Dreams?

Today we're going to be talking about dreams.  There's something really interesting that happens in a group setting when we start talking about inviting people to begin to dream. To dream about their ideal body, to...
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Changing Your Body isn't Creating Your Life

Today's topic and the theme that I want to talk about is changing your body is not creating your life, but creating your life can change your body. I run into a lot of people, mostly women who come to me and they have...
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The No Judgment Diet - Don't Diet, Be Happy

Episode #51

The last two days I have been utterly exhausted… I knew it wasn’t mine… but still… So from bed… I bring to you… What can the benefit of going on a No Judgment Diet do for you!?   About...
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Are you willing to be insignificant?

Episode #50

We are talking about being insignificant. Insignificance is different than not significant. When something is insignificant, it's almost like it then becomes devalued. There's a lot of charge around the word...
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Your Points of View Create Your Reality

Episode #49

Today's episode is all about your points of views. It is such a profound moment when you realize that everything that is occurring in your life is based on your point of view. If your point of view is life is hard,...
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Being Rebel

Episode #48

When your true rebel, you're undefinable. You're always changing. You're not necessarily up against everyone or everything. You're always shimmering with a unique difference that you just can't help. You're born that...
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The Scariness of Being Vulnerable

Episode #47

I'm in this place right now in my life where I am going deep into introspection. Eight years ago, when I first started the no judgement diet. It was so scary to share with the world that I had a massive problem with...
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What if success was not what you think it is?

Episode #46

What if business could be fun? A playground of possibilities. A swing you want to play on? Let's go play! Business is so malleable, whatever you want to create for yourself, whatever you want to create in the world,...
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Part 2 - Are you Rushing Success

Episode #45

I was looking at where we're rushing, trying to get rid of pain? Where are we also rushing success? We just want to have it happen. Is that how true success happens? Why rush something that you enjoy doing? Why would...
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Part 1- Are You Rushing To Get Out Of Pain

Episode #44

What if pain could be a gift? I know it sounds counter intuitive.  Why would we want to not try to get rid of the pain? Pain can be a total pain! What if it's there to gift you a world you've never experienced...
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Bloom Membership Call

Episode #43

This is a special podcast because it was taken from a live class that I did online. It's a monthly membership called Bloom and thank you to Caroline Abruzese M.D. and all the other participants in this membership that...
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