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Gangster of Consciousness Podcast

Hosted by: Katherine McIntosh

Gangster of Consciousness Podcast with Katherine McIntosh is a daily bright ray of sunshine.


The Greatest Body Adventure

Episode #42

Does change equal loss? Are you afraid of making a change because you’re afraid of what you could lose? What if you could look at the possibilities of what you could gain? Would you like to create your body and your...
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Episode #41

Today we are going to be talking about vulnerability. Being happy is a vulnerability and vulnerability is choosing. It's choosing for you when no one else is willing to choose it. In a time where there's tons of...
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The joy of discovering how to have communion with your body

Episode #40

What if you were the only one that could truly discover what’s true for you and your body? There is no formula.  There is only knowing. When we follow other people’s formulas it starts to get heavy and confusing,...
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Are You Hiding Behind Excuses

Episode #39

Today’s episode is are you hiding behind excuses? We say we want to do something, I want to get fit, I want to get in shape and we go after it and then there is all of these reasons and justifications why we don’t. I...
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The Shape Of You

Episode #38

Today's episode we're talking about something different. Today I want to talk about a different possibility with your body, It's about the shape of you. What if you were to celebrate the shape of you? Like the Ed...
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Episode #35

Today we're going to talk about avoiding. That lovely word avoiding. What is avoiding in your world and in your life? What is it in your business? What is it with your health that you've been avoiding? This topic...
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What is Orgasmic Living?

Season #1 Episode #34

About Katherine McIntosh Katherine McIntosh is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Author, International Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, Dancer, Laugher, Mountain Biker, Skier, Hot Yoga Junkie, Adventure...
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Gifting & Receiving with Venus Castleberg

Season #1 Episode #32

Join Katherine McIntosh and Venus Castleberg for an expansive talk on gifting and receiving.   Venus Castleberg is a business and life coach, holistic healthcare practitioner, self-proclaimed ‘nature fairy’, and...
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Special Guest Interview with Jennifer Ludington

Season #1 Episode #33

In this special guest episode Katherine interviews the founder of Elite Fitness Studio, Jennifer Ludington for a fun and informational conversation with a bonus invitation. Link to register for the...
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What do women really want

Season #1 Episode #30

What do women really want? Most women don't know because they've based their entire life on fulfilling the needs of others. When you ask them what they want, they actually do not know. Now, this isn't wrong. But if...
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Are you willing to choose without knowing the outcome

Season #1 Episode #29

We have a very, very, very special episode for you today. Today's episode is all about, are you willing to choose without knowing the outcome, without needing to be right, without needing to figure it out? And the...
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Are you Living or Dying

Season #1 Episode #28

My friends wherever this finds you today, are you living? Or are you dying? And if you're using the past, if you're buying fear, if you're worried about the future, you are literally inviting yourself to replicate...
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