What Are You Valuing That Is More Important Than YOU?

access consciousness consciousness no judgment no judgment diet the foundation transfromation Mar 20, 2021
This morning I was reading through journals from 1997!!!!
OMG! It was painful. I held back tears and my heart ached for my tormented twenty-something self who was gripping onto survival for dear life. Her spirit broken, her sorrow fixated on her body and her opinion of said body. It broke my heart...
It broke my heart because I now know what I didn't know then.
That level of pain and suffering doesn't get solved through hours of therapy, talking about the problems, journaling about it (I have 50+ journals of pain suffering and torment). Journaling about it did not change it...it just solidified a problem that didn't need to be there.
8 years ago I found the tools of Access Consciousness and took my first ever Bars Class and Foundation Class.
At first, I thought....there is no WAY I can afford to pay for a $1600 class....it seemed outrageous!!!! (What I now know is that I could not afford NOT to!!!)
I spent over $250,000 trying to fix the pain and suffering of my internal self....and yet somehow I wasn't willing to pay for a $1600 class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Because I didn't know what was possible with this class and the tools delivered in this class. I didn't know that I could change my entire life in 4 days. I didn't know that the tools within the foundation manual would literally explain my whole life and the process and the tools to make it light, easy, and possible for change to occur.

After I took that class, I started making way more money, my clients started tipping me more, my body changed, my relationship improved, I started to travel more, and overall, I felt this joy and lightness in every area of my life.  I didn't know change could show up with that much ease and so quickly!  I got more change in 4 days than I had in years of grad school, somatic psychology, alternative modalities, workshops, retreats, therapies, and so much more.
You see.....22 years ago I was an emotional train wreck with bits of brilliance and the core of me still in there....and I was reading the pain of my 21 year old insecure self. The confusion, the frustration, the back and forth......uffffff
No one ever told me that there was a way to change my shame and suffering. No one ever showed me I could eliminate the suffering.....No one ever showed me that the majority of my torment wasn't even mine!!

I didn't know how to let the brilliance out.  I didn't know how to be okay with the difference I was.  I didn't know how to celebrate the uniqueness and I didn't know that difference would be the gift that not only changed my life, but could be a gift to the world.
I thought I was forever doomed to be at the effect of the teenage twenty-something insecure hell hole that all revolved around my body image, my weight, my perceived lack of self-control...

The pain of the back and forth....one day feeling amazing, the next day, to the depths of death's door.
I suffered so much that I thought talking about it, exploring it, journaling about it, therapy-ing about it, dancing about it, walking with it......I thought then if I went to the core of it, then it would change....but it only made things worse.
When I found the tools of Access Consciousness, everything made sense. It was the very first time that I saw that something else was available...it was like a door opening to fields of gold and rays of sunshine.
This class was the beginning of trusting myself, letting go of lifetimes of pain and suffering ....but here's the beautiful part....it was easy. It wasn't painful, and it left as if by magic. And there was laughter, and joy, and tears of gratitude for the beauty that is truly possible.
That's when everything changed because the impossible became possible and everything I was taught was the way, was actually a path to suffering.

Life is magic if you let it. Your joy is INSIDE...so let it out!!!
This class...is magic. It cannot be explained or defined...
It cannot be put into a pretty little package, because the truth is....life is messy....so you might as well make this journey fun...there's enough suffering in the world...and you don't need to do it on the inside.
There is enough suffering and this, if you want it to be, will empower you to know that there is a different way.
If you'd like to learn more about these tools and what might be possible for you if you leap....
My personal experience...you cannot afford not to!

Think about it...

How much money do you spend on trying to make you happy?  Diets? self-help courses?  Books on tape?  Audios?  Meditations?  All of it can be a contribution and the question is...what is your happiness worth to you?

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