Intensity Happens Right Before The Magic Happens!

Dec 28, 2019

Intensity tends to show up right before we’re about to change.  Right before the potency of you starts to come out even more. 

No Judgment Diet is all about change.  For me when I move through change and move through things I usually tend to experience a lot of intensity in my universe. So often we make ourselves wrong for our intensity. 

What Ive discovered personally is that the intensity tends to happen right before the magic happens.  Right before you get into more space or right before you choose more change. INTENSITY IS NORMAL. Especially if it shows up in your lower back or in pain, its usually because you are hiding a piece of you. 

So as you release judgments through doing the tools each day, and you are releasing your fixed points of view, you are releasing old thought patterns and old energies.  The more of you will begin to come out. 

When more of you starts to come out it can, it doesnt have to, but it can show up as intensity.  So if this happens you can ask, Is this the change that I have been asking for?  Then you are going to ask, Is this my potency?

It is normal to feel intensity. We have a tendency to struggle with it and fight it.  If I know that I am about to break through, that is a little bit easier.  So you are going to ask, is this the change that I have been asking for? Is this intensity or is this potency? Is this a wrongness or is this a strongness of me that I have kept hidden?  

Really play with this with your body because you might have an intensity about various parts of your body.  Your calves, your butt, your face. If theres an intense energy there, what if you asked if this were a potency what would it create?  Continue asking that question and see what you notice.

 What Ive noticed is we often use our strongness, the thing that we are most capable of, our potency, against us.  We use it as a wrongness.  For example, growing up I was really intuitive and I picked all these thoughts out of peoples heads and I thought that they were mine.  So I was in therapy and I was on medication at a very young age.  I was told that I was wrong very early, that I needed help.  All that time what I was actually aware of, was other peoples bodies, and the energy in other peoples bodies.  So the whole time I thought that there was something wrong with me, and really what it was, was my strongness, it was my potency, it was my capacity. 

If you notice an intensity and you want to resist the intensity, what happens if you just relax into it? Then ask, what potency do I have that I havent been willing to recognize? 

What if you were so much more potent and able and aware and full of capacity and gifts that you havent even acknowledged yet?  Is that light? Because you are brilliant and you are magical and you are amazing. 

So if intensity arises ask if it is the wrongness of you that you havent been willing to acknowledge? Use the clearings and see what it creates.  

Bye, for now, my friends,

See you on the inside.



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