Never in a million years did I ever think I'd be THAT girl...

bikini blame curvy energy fat fit girl insecure judging mirror money pathetic saggy sexy shame time weight Jan 01, 2020

Never in a million years did I ever think I'd be... - Katherine McIntosh

Never in a million years did I ever think I'd be THAT girl...

The one who would willingly put her body on display...


You might see this picture and think::::


But here's the deal....6 months prior to this picture I had a baby, and prior to that I had spent my life hiding and shaming my body.

I didn't think I was cute. I didn't think I was sexy. In fact, I did everything to hide my body in all black or baggy clothes.

I wasn't allowed to wear a bikini, in fact, showing skin in a revealing way was considered a sin in my family.

When I looked in the mirror, I didn't see a fit, sexy, curvy woman....


I saw a saggy, fat, ugly, pathetic, insecure, out of shape figure of a person and inside I felt like I looked like I was 200+ pounds.

My insecurities were literally weighing me down....

To the point where I would get paralyzed with shame and fear.

I would obsess about what people thought of my butt, or my thighs, I would worry 24/7 that people were constantly judging my body.

I would spend hours upon hours looking in the mirror, pinching my belly, my thighs, my butt.

I would spend so much money on pills, diets, quick fixes, not to mention exercise gadgets, and clothes that I would literally only wear once and then never wear again.

I was constantly over spending to over compensate for this giant whole in my self-esteem.

It was a nightmare...

But the worst part....


I had no idea how much time, energy, and effort I was wasting by this obsessive behavior.

I had no idea that this was my tactic to separate from me and to use it as an excuse to keep people away.

I was trying to make up for the inadequacy I had imagined as real.....

I wasn't willing to be me, receive me, or even acknowledge me...

Shame, Blame, Regret, and self - hatred was the way to avoid.

Why am I telling you all of this....


👉 I NEVER thought I would LOVE my BODY

👉I NEVER thought I could be comfortable in my own skin

👉I NEVER thought I could have a fit body after 16 years old (and even at 15 & 16 when I had 6% body fat....think sinking while trying to float in water) I never saw myself as fit, skinny, or athletic. I felt like the odd girl out, with a whole bunch of awkwardness

👉It didn't matter how many diets I tried

👉It didn't matter how much I starved myself, I still never felt good enough

👉It didn't matter how well I ate, my body never really changed, until I stopped eating (and almost died)

Truth be told, I was a miserable wreck....

But then I discovered something that literally altered the course of my life.

And it wasn't in a pill, or a a diet, or a book, or a remedy.

It was inside of me, a hidden gem that I didn't know was there.

And when I found this little remedy....


What if your body was NOT the thing that's stopping you?

As we begin a new year.... many people will recommit to getting healthy, eating better, and losing weight....

For some, it will be a life long change, for others, it will re-engage a pattern of judgment and insecurity and feelings of not enough as if there is something wrong with them....



So instead of the usual diets...

What if instead of resolutions....You start a REVOLUTION?


What would your life look like if you started a revolution?

Oh baby!

See you on the inside.


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