The truth about RESULTS

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Sometimes, It's hard to explain what I do...

Most people want "RESULTS"

They look around for the answers:

*** Will I find the love of my life?

*** How do I create a business that impacts others?

*** Will I make more money?

*** Will I be able to heal my body?

*** Will I lose 10 pounds?

Behind almost every ask is this question lurking inside every single person who wants to change:  Will what you're offering work?

My response is:  It Depends!

Are you doing it because someone said it would work, or are you doing it because when you do, it FEELS good?

Don't get me wrong, RESULTS are amazing and something that deeply fuels most of us...

BUT underneath the surface is a bigger ask... The results of fulfillment, peace, happiness, joy, and living a life that we are proud of.

Everyone has a different version of what that is for them.

What I believe is behind the success of true results is this idea of fulfillment, recognizing that inside of you is the knowing, the path, the desire, the push, the truth, the awareness, and so much more.

The business, the car, the weight loss, the ideal relationship won't make you happy if you aren't fulfilled with who you are.

External desires won't fill a void inside of you if you aren't sure who you are or what you want.

Here's the catch... there isn't a one size fits all "formula" for everyone's desires to come true if that "formula" is based on ACTION.

ACTION is amazing and necessary for any level of growth and success, but ACTION taken out of alignment will never create true results.

Let me give you an example...

When I first started online coaching programs, doing energy work, and working with clients one and one helping them get their life back, I started to taste success. But underneath the "numbers" was this excitement watching people have results that aren't tangible.

My "marketing" was authentic, real, spur of the moment, and completely joyful because it was honest.

And people responded to my enthusiasm.

But the more success I had, the more I thought I needed to "learn" marketing. So I paid lots of money to lots of "marketing gurus". I tried their methods. I followed their systems and I watched my business dwindle.

Less people responded and my numbers quickly plummeted. So I found new marketing gurus and tried on different methods, and still I didn't see the RESULTS I was looking for.

I decided I was the problem. I got depressed. I doubted myself, my insecurities took over because I was doing ACTION without my truth backing up my action.

So I paid even more money, I started thinking something inside of me needed to be fixed.

That was the WRONG approach and totally NOT TRUE.

The truth was that I needed to get back to my enthusiasm, to continue to do marketing my way.

I needed to get back to being in alignment... because I didn't need to "SELL" anything. I needed to share the truth of what I knew and how I knew what I was offering would make an impact to the right people.

I couldn't PROMISE specific results because the truth of the results was inside each person. It was a feeling, it wasn't the promise of a car, or a business, or a relationship.

What I could promise was that something would change. There would be an internal TRANSFORMATION.

What I do creates a feeling, a knowing. It empowers people to know they can do it if they tweak a few things that are internal, not external.

When you realize YOU are the ANSWER you've been looking for, then you become an unstoppable force for possibilities.

Most people say "you can't explain what Katherine does, you just have to experience it"

So I was left with the dilemma of how to "MARKET" my work if I couldn't explain it.

So, I don't. There is nothing to explain, because it's a feeling and each person knows when they feel that thing.

I provide a space, I offer a service that helps people heal the roots of traumas, roadblocks, excuses, and end the mediocrity and feelings of unfulfillment that plague most of us. The RESULT is they start falling in love with themselves, trusting their choices, believing in possibilities, and life just starts feeling a bit more ALIVE. You can't Action your way into that, you have to make a choice to make you the priority... to TRUST you and your yeses because the world is filled with people who will tell you NO.

Stop depending on other people's opinions of what you are capable of.

Living in fear isn't living.

Worrying about your future isn't creation.

Refusing to go on a date because you think you need to lose 5 pounds first isn't love.

Thinking you need to be perfect in order to move forward with anything is a big fat lie... yet most of us stop ourselves from doing what we truly desire to do because we think we aren't enough.

Almost every successful person has doubts, fears, and worries about being a fraud. They have things that stop them, but the difference is, they don't allow their insecurities to take over. They stay committed to WHY they are doing what they are doing because they know it's worth it. It's a FEELING.

They FIND the things that FUEL them... they know the actions they need to take that FUEL their desires, that make them feel fulfilled.

When you KNOW WHAT FUELS you, then you do more of it (even when you don't feel like it), and doing more it brings you closer to that life you've always dreamed of.

THINGS don't fill the VOID, but energies do, engaging with your dreams does. Taking action because you know WHY you are doing it... that's what creates miracles.

So, wherever you are in your journey, find the energies that FUEL you.

I don't love running, but I love how running makes me feel. I don't love skinning up a mountain on skis, but every time I do it, I conquered something that feels really hard and that creates an energy that makes me feel like I can do anything.

Find what makes you come alive. Stop following "formulas" that feel empty when you do them. Find out WHY you are doing what you do and your life will be a success.

To the magic inside of you...

You got this!

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eep Being Awesome!  You got this!

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